The Original Florentine Steak Circa 1565

Florentine Steak at Demetra Hostaria

Tuscans seem to be born with an inherent knowledge of all things cultural and culinary (which in Italy, are of course intrinsically connected). Simone, the chef at Demetra, speaks about ingredients, Tuscan traditions, and cooking techniques with a colloquial authority, his passion for local cuisine coming from a lifetime of being immersed in it. However, […]

More so now than ever, you should Shop Local

Demetra Hostaria Local Tuscan Restaurant

(reposted from 29/10/2020 but still relevant) 2020 has been and extraordinary year. Often we use the word extraordinary in a positive sense, but unfortunately in this case I mean, anything but ordinary. Many local businesses are having a hard time. Back in March we all thought, “sure I can resist a couple of months without […]

Should you send care packages from America?

Sending Care Packages From America To Europe

Sending care packages can be a great way of letting your child know that you are missing them. And perhaps they have expressed suffering from a bit of homesickness or that they miss some of their favorite foods that are not available in Italy. However, it is not as simple as putting some things in […]

Airport to City Center: Everything You Need to Know

How to get from the airport to the city center

You’ve successfully made it to Italy, at least to the airport, and now it’s time to make your way into the city center of Florence. There are several options for you to take to get to the city center depending on which airport you fly into, each one varying slightly by price and travel time. […]

Everyone, every now and again, suffers from homesickness

Parent Week Homesick and Study Abroad

The first few weeks on Study Abroad can be both very very exciting but also daunting at the same time. Perhaps you never considered having a discussion about homesickness. The transition and move to college was a breeze. And Study Abroad seemed like such a great idea that fulfilled the desire for adventure, to see […]

When is the best time to visit my son or daughter on study abroad

Parent Week Florence When To Visit Your Son or Daughter

We can tell you when the worst time is!!! This may sound negative but it is not the case at all. Regardless of when you come to Florence, your time together will be invaluable and something that all of you remember and reminisce about, potentially forever. With the luxury of foresight and the flexibility to […]