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One of the best things about being in a new country is getting to try their traditional foods. A common time for students to try a variety of food in Florence is when their parents come to visit. Not only can the whole family share the experience of some of Florence’s most delicious and traditional foods, but it gives students the chance to try some restaurants that are a little outside of a college student’s budget or just one of their favorite spots they want to share with you!

We have created a list of three restaurants that both students and parents can enjoy and need to try while in Florence.

Osteria Santo Spirito

This restaurant is in the Santo Spirito section of Florence.  Here you can find many traditional tuscan dishes as well as other Italian specialties. One of their most popular menu items is their gnocchi gratinate al formaggi morbidi al profumu di tartufo (truffle gnocchi with a cheese sauce). Enjoy your food inside the rustic restaurant or on their beautiful little patio.

Osteria Santo Spirito is open every day from 12:00AM-11:30PM and reservations are necessary.

Acqua al 2

This restaurant can be found in the popular Santa Croce area. Their menu contains a wide variety of both Primi and Secondi options. In the Primi section you will find a long list of their unique, housemade pastas such as the Farfalline alla Polpa di Zucca con Sbriciolata di Amaretti (butterfly pasta with pumpkin and amaretto crumble). The Secondi section is where you will find their decadent meat options like the Filetto al Mirtillo Nero (filet in a blueberry sauce).

The best part is that for those of you that can never make up your mind, you don’t have to! They offer an Assagio di Primi (chef selection of 5 different pastas) and an Assagio di Secondi (chef selection of 3 different entrees).

Acqua Al 2 is open for both lunch and dinner and reservations are highly recommended.

La Giostra

The perfect place for a fancy dinner out with the family. This is a family owned restaurant that makes it their mission to provide excellent service and authentic Florentine food to its customers. Enjoy some of the best wines in Florence with your meal to get the full effect of all the flavors.

Their menu is constantly changing, but the owners and staff are sure to explain their favorite dishes and answer any questions you may have. They have both vegan and vegetarian options as well. This is definitely a spot the students will wait to check out until the parents are here!

La Giostra is open for lunch during the weekdays from 12:30PM-2:30PM and dinner every day from 7:00PM-12:00PM and reservations are recommended.

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