All parents want to visit their child abroad and all students would love to welcome them with open arms and introduce them to their new home for the semester. However, students are sometimes nervous that this family time will interfere with their studying/travels. This is why we have organized Parent Week during a time that we know will be convenient for both you and your student.
In one select week, parents and families of students from all programs can visit at the same time and have a week filled with unique and fun activities. We take care of organizing every single detail while still allowing plenty of free time for you to spend with your child and network and connect with other parents and students from all different universities.

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    5 Reasons Why

    Our itinerary is built to meet the specific needs and schedule of study abroad students and parents.

    Quality Assurance

    We have called in all of our very best contacts to create an amazing week of experiences for both you and your son or daughter.


    If only you could interview the tour company and the tour guide before you purchase the tour!