Studying abroad is the time for students to learn new languages, appreciate other cultures, gain a sense of independence, overcome challenges of living in another country and reach a greater understanding of the world. Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience. Students want to show their family/friends their home away from home for the semester.
Why Personalize Parent Week?
  • Showcase your campus and program in Italy
  • Full itinerary control
  • Add onsite events such as parent/student lessons and tours
  • Exclusive opportunity to promote the advantages of your study abroad program
  • Consolidate the relationship between parents and your university/program


What services do we provide:
  • Full implementation and execution of your itinerary (excluding flights)
  • Personalized quote based on your requirements
  • 24 hour assistance to parents while they are on Parent Week
  • Personalized, co-branded marketing materials to distribute to parents (brochure and itinerary)


Study Abroad is one of the most influential experiences in a young person’s life. It impacts them personally, influences their attitude towards the rest of their studies and potentially shapes their career path. To understand why, you have to be there. This is why getting involved and visiting the city that your child studies in is so important.

Tell us about your group:

    5 Reasons Why

    Our itinerary is built to meet the specific needs and schedule of study abroad students and parents.

    Quality Assurance

    We have called in all of our very best contacts to create an amazing week of experiences for both you and your son or daughter.


    If only you could interview the tour company and the tour guide before you purchase the tour!