We have called in all of our very best contacts to create an amazing week of experiences for both you and your son or daughter. There is now too much information available on the internet and on social media. It is hard to decipher the difference between the various offers. And in fact, it is difficult even to decide where to go, with so many destinations trying to attract our attention.

In Italy, one of the biggest problems is that not everyone who has a website is providing an authorized or legal service. So what does quality mean to us?

First and foremost, Parent Week is underwritten by Florence and Beyond Srls, of which I am the owner. Florence and Beyond is a Travel Agency that is registered with the Regional Tuscan Tourism Office. This ensures that we have all of the qualifications necessary to plan and execute your tour.

Second and almost as important, is our personal philosophy about the kind of experience that we want to provide to our customers.

As a long term Florence local, quality is not about the most expensive experience. Quality is value for money. Quality is friendly and reliable service. Quality is going the extra mile. Quality is providing tourists with the same experience as a local. We want you to feel welcome in Florence and we want you to go home with memories that will last a lifetime.

Of course we cannot be experts at everything, but when we entrust someone to provide our customers with an experience, we expect their service quality to be the same, if not even higher than ours!

Who is Parent Week?

Director Parent Week Anna McNiel

Anna McNiel

Anna has been living full-time in Florence for 18 years now. Since 2003 she has been working with students and study abroad programs. In 2008, she started FlorenceForFun student travel company and from 2015 was the technical director and manager of the agency. Moving onto new challenges, Parent Week is Anna’s latest venture. “Parent Week allows me to still be involved with study abroad community but work with a completely new customer. Now that I am older, I look forward to creating amazing travel experiences for parents”.

Tour Manager Stephanie McClendon

Stephanie McClendon

Stephanie has been living in Florence for 3 years and from day one at FlorenceForFun become a fundamental part of the travel and organization team. Coming from an academic background in finance however with practical experience in hospitality and event management, Stephanie is resourceful, efficient, fun and friendly. She has repeatedly received five-star reviews and feedback from our customers and looks forward to making sure that the parents have as much (or more) fun than the kids!!