Visiting Your Child Abroad: Bringing Them a Piece of Home

Study Abroad Gifts From Home

Having your child study abroad is an exciting experience. Studying abroad is something that they will never forget and be forever thankful to you that you helped them go. A lot of times, students studying abroad will miss things that they either can’t get in the country they are in or are simply too expensive. […]

Family Dinner Favorites

Family Favorites for Eating Out in Florence

One of the best things about being in a new country is getting to try their traditional foods. A common time for students to try a variety of food in Florence is when their parents come to visit. Not only can the whole family share the experience of some of Florence’s most delicious and traditional […]

Communicating With Your Child Abroad

How to communicate with your son or daughter abroad

During the weeks and months that your child is abroad, you’re going to want to know how everything is going with their program, how they like the people, and how they are doing in general. There are a lot of different ways for you to stay in touch with your child while they are in […]